Galerie Hamadan

Objects of Art for the Vietnamese Market

Hall: Phu Quoc
Type: Supplier
Country: Sri Lanka
Contact at OTB:
Hilal Ahmad Bhat
Managing Director - Owner
Contact at OTB:
Farid Siddiqui Director - Head of Operations & Business Development

With presence in the glorious cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, for the past 15 years, Galerie Hamadan, mesmerizes you into a journey to the myriad world of Handmade Persian Carpets, Exclusive Kashmir Carpets, Glorious Pashminas, Silk & Woolen Embroideries, Brass-Bronze-Wooden Artifacts, Marble inlays, Precious & Semi-precious Gems and Jewelry, Designer Textiles, Handicrafts, Objets d’art and much, much more await to enthrall you!

Our Dubai Locations:

  • Gold & Diamond Park, Sheikh Zayed Road
  • The Boulevard, Hotel Emirates Towers, Sheikh Zayed Road
  • The Souq Arena, Dubai Mall
  • Hotel Zabeel Saray, The Palm Jumeirah
  • 109, Jumeirah Beach Center, Jumeirah Beach Road
  • Ground floor, Deira Towers, Deira


Our Abu Dhabi Location:

  • Villa A-30, Marina Office Park, Near Marina Mall


Founded in 2000, Galerie Hamadan is a brand of the parent company: Carpet City Llc.

  • It has its origin and antecedents for more than 2 generations, having its initial branches in Paris & New Delhi.
  • The brand Galerie Hamadan was born in Dubai and has spread to Abu Dhabi, and has plans to expand to other emirates of UAE very soon.
  • Our artifacts are highly appreciated by the Vietnamese.
  • As were are the manufacturers ourselves, we have created a line for the Vietnamese tastes especially and these are highly appreciated by them.
  • We offer quality products with all guarantees and assurances of genuineness.


Farid Siddiqui

Farid Siddiqui
Director – Head of Operations & Business Development

Brief Interview by OTB

What is the value of the Southeast Asia markets for the incoming in your country? Which are considered as the most important markets?

The profile of Southeast Asian clients is highly escalating.

China followed by Vietnam are the top and most potential markets & high spenders.

What is the importance of Vietnam as outbound market? What is your expectations from the Vietnamese market?

Vietnam is the fastest emerging & potential market from the Southeast Asian region.

A higher flow of Vietnamese to the UAE, results in a higher revenue generation for tourism-related industries, whether primary or ancillary.

Vietnam tourists get the opportunity to experience the glorious emirates

What are you planning to present to the Vietnamese travel agents for their customers?

An experience of the local arts & Islamic cultures by promoting a visit to our centres, with mutually beneficial and incentivized arrangements.